Students and their families are encouraged to become Garlic Mustard Busters through the Pull@Home challenge, taking place May 9 through May 29, 2017.

How Do I Participate?

Together, you can join the challenge by pulling garlic mustard on your own property or on public properties, where applicable.  (Please remember to ask permission on any public property!)

Each school will provide up to 50 yard waste bags for students to complete the challenge.  All pulled garlic mustard can be dropped off at one of the three participating school locations:

Belfountain Public School

Halton Hills Christian School

Caledon Central Public School

Students and families that participate in the Pull@Home challenge will receive a free admission park pass for any Conservation Parks location from their teacher.

Celebrating Students Hard Work

On May 31, all participating students are encouraged to take part in a field trip to Terra Cotta Conservation Area to celebrate their hard work!

Students will spend the day at the park sharing what they learned about garlic mustard and participating in a pull at the conservation area.

Afterwards students will enjoy a free barbecue, games and a hike. It’s a great day to be in nature!

We encourage students to think about the environment.  Please bring your own water bottle, plate and cutlery for the barbecue.

Annual Garlic Mustard Challenge

The annual Garlic Mustard Challenge is an initiative that was started by students at Belfountain Public School. The students organized the annual challenge to help educate neighbours and surrounding communities about the invasive garlic mustard plant and its negative impacts on the local environment.

This is the sixth year the school has led the event.